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Mirage Silvermist

Post by Mirage Silvermist on Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:50 pm

Mirage Silvermist

Getting the facts straight,

Name: Mirage Silvermist
Age: 18
Birthdate: March 3rd
Birthplace: Lunar
Race: Elf
Role: Guardian
Skills: Containment
Element Control
Mind Reading
Gifts: N/A
Alignment: The Guardians [Good]

There is more than what meets the eye,

Likes: Night, Books, Winter, Moon and Stars
Dislikes: Day
Strengths: Bow and Arrow
Weaknesses: Short range battle
Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, eating.

Personality: Although she doesn't speak much, Mirage likes to be around with many people, listening to their stories, watching their daily lives. She's often found in the forest taking care of Luna, a silver colored dragon, her summon. She likes to read books, to seek knowledge and to travel places the books take her to. Only a few knows that Mirage loves to eat.

History: Mirage Silvermist is the silent mysterious type young female elf who pledge herself to be an ally of the Good. Having to speak only a few words, leave her comrades clueless of what or who she really is. All they know is that one day, she showed herself to the town and started protecting the Gifted, thus she earned the role of a Guardian. Mirage is being guarded by her summon, Luna, a silver colored dragon. Mirage also wields a silver bow with an emerald gemstone embeded in the middle that is decorated all over with golden linings and her silver arrows.

RP Sample:It was a day for Mirage to spend sometime with Luna, her summon. She positioned herself ready for the summoning ritual. She stood with a perfect angle, her right feet just in front of her left, closed her eyes, lifted her arms slowly sideways then gracefully moving them to her front. She opened her lips and chanted, "The creature that vowed to protect me and be with my side always, I summon thee. Luna!" Her long hair floated as light started beaming from the sky and connected to the ground. A portal has opened in the sky releasing strong gust of wind. Mirage opened her eyes and looked at the portal. A loud roar can be heard as a silver dragon started forming at the edge of the portal. With it's huge silver wings, it flied swiftly to Mirage, descending slowly to the ground.

Mirage lifted her hands and reached for Luna's head. She pet Luna's head and smiled. "I miss you" she whispered as Luna released a squek sound as if answering "Me too". "Let's sleep" Mirage said as everything in their environment has returned to normal, her hair no longer floating, the portal closing, and the wind returning to it's normal pace. Everything was peaceful as Luna layed down to the ground and Mirage taking a comfortable spot under Luna's head and took a nap.

Yes, Mirage summoned Luna to take a nap.
Mirage Silvermist

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Re: Mirage Silvermist

Post by IvySeeker on Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:01 pm

ACCEPTED! Very Happy


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