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Main Plot of the Forum

Post by IvySeeker on Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:07 pm

Once upon a time,

Haha, I'm joking. ^_^ You will find that when I'm not IC [In Character] I can be a really laid back type of person Smile Looking for the plot so you can decide which character to play? You've come to the right place!

Guardians: They live in a community that encircles the Guild, and live rather normal lives, when they're not out guarding the Gifted. Their job is to constantly watch over the Gifted and try to keep the Allied from forcing or enticing them over to The Alliance.

Allied/ The Alliance: The whole Alliance resides in a shadowy mansion, or campus cloaked from human and Guardians alike. Their aim? Come on, do I have to tell you? It's the same in every plot. They want to kidnap the Gifted and force them to use their powers for their own evil gain, murder the Guardians and rule the world. Now that wasn't so hard, was it? The Allied have their own ranks too, with 5 Categories, with Category 1 being the weakest, and Category 5 the strongest.

Gifted: Humans who have been given gifts, a set of powers that vary from individual. All they want is a normal life, but some actually get sucked into the struggle for power between the Guardians and the Allied.

Guild: The school that trains Guardians. Trainees are accepted at the age of 14, and will continue education until 17/16, where they graduate. First Years are placed in the Desto dorm, Second Years in the Involo Dorm, and Third Years in the Volente Dorm.

REMEMBER: If you're making a Trainee character, stick to the ages given!
Desto [First Year]: 14
Involo [Second Year]:15
Volente [Third Year]: 16
Volare [Fourth Year, Optional Studies]: 17

Cielo: The Headquarters of the Guardians. This is where trials are held, rules made and where you will go to be assigned to your Gifted.

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