Briar Ravenal

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Briar Ravenal

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Getting the facts straight,

Name: Briar Melanthe Caroline Ravenal
Age: 21
Birthdate: 28th of December
Birthplace: In a small island somewhere in the Pacific
Race: Human
Role:Gifted [Human]
Gifts: Persuasion, heightened senses
Alignment: Neutral

There is more than what meets the eye,

Likes: Wine, books, bike, art, nature
Dislikes: Routine
Strengths: Insanity
Weaknesses: Instability
Hobbies: Reading, Riding her big bad bike along the countryside, drinking wine in a secluded and quiet spot away from civilization

Personality: If there is one thing that can describe Briar Melanthe Caroline Ravenal- or simply Briar - it is, Insane. She is indeed that and more. She likes to have fun and usually doesn't care for anything else. She is passionate, loving and temperamental - all sweet and pleasant one moment, raging and furious the next. But she can sometimes be quiet. Her peculiarity lies in the way she would suddenly speak of random things and feel emotions that aren't necessarily appropriate on the circumstances. She is sometimes beset with a strong urge to help others while at times she would feel joy in seeing other people suffer. Briar is a complicated and all together bizzare human being.

History: Briar born into wealth and power had in her manner that of which was used to getting everything she wanted and an attitude which is independent of fears against hunger and poverty. She was also brought by an absentee mother and a father who doted on her and allowed every whim and fancy which resulted to her believing she could do just about everything. She also grew up knowing her special abilities that was not present in other people. When her parents died when she was sixteen, she decided to travel with her prized bike and never came back home. At present, she is lodging at some homely inn and was planning on finding some place to live. For she did not want to go back to her parents house. It was not her home.

RP Sample:
The world was silent tonight. The skies were devoid of the great silver lamp that usually hung in its celestial throne among the stars. The stars themselves were dim as though mourning of their great king's absence. At some desolate small town where in the east the sea meets with the sky merging until no one could tell where they met, and in the west lies dark looming mountains that intensified the darkness of the night, there lay beneath the moonless sky a black eyed, raven haired woman. She was homeless for tonight because the inn she was staying at were full of tourists, obnoxious noisy tourists, and she did not like them at all. So, she left her room and road a few miles until she saw this spot. It was a small hill with a good view of the east and west. She parked her bike just bellow the hill and had lain beneath the sky basking in darkness. A smile crept into her face that was neither warm nor cold. It was one of her strange smiles that only appears when her thoughts wander aimlessly around one thing, nothing. But just then, she felt rather than heard something across the vast sea in the east. It was like a dark cloud creeping stealthily across the sea into the quiet little town. Briar blinked and peered into the dark sea beyond her and felt the strong surge of danger and she leaped into her feet and run to her bike. But just as she was about to drive back into town to alert its inhabitants of the impending danger, it was gone. There was nothing again. Just the sea and the sky. She breathed deeply and decided to go back to the inn. Her mood had been broken and there was nothing else she could do but drink.

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Re: Briar Ravenal

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