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Alanneia Nightshade

Post by Alanneia Nightshade on Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:45 pm

Alanneia Solene Nightshade

Getting the facts straight,

Name: Alanneia Solene Nightshade
Age: 19
Birthdate: July 9, 1995
Birthplace: Canada
Race: Canadian. Duh.
Role: Involo Trainee, Gifted Human
Gifts: Telepathy and Heightened Senses
Alignment: The Guardians

There is more than what meets the eye,

Likes: Beaches, summertime, swimming, arts, music, books
Dislikes: Snobs, people invading her personal space, the Allied
Strengths: Loyal, honest, hardworking
Weaknesses: Stubborn, short-tempered
Hobbies: Writing, swimming, dancing

Personality: Alanneia is a very secretive person and only reveals her secrets to those very close to her. Usually she just keeps to herself and does her work quietly. She talks only when needed, and she isn't very friendly. She's short-tempered, so it isn't best to annoy her. She can be stubborn, and can be loyal to certain people. Alanneia is very honest and always speaks her mind, and says her opinion out loud, even if it would hurt others around her.

History: Alanneia is a part-human. She was born to a dryad and a human, and has certain dryad powers, but she cannot control them yet. At a young age, her father abandoned them after he found out that her mother wasn't fully human. The family of Alanneia's mother was rich, and the two stayed with them until they were able to take care of themselves. Soon, when Alanneia was old enough, she discovered her powers and became a Trainee: this is her second year now, and she couldn't wait to get to her third.

RP Sample: Beads of sweat dotted Alanneia's forehead. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her fists were clenched. That day was the first time Alanneia tried to control her powers. Properly. And with more effort. She never bothered to put a lot of effort. She had thought that her powers won't be very useful yet, but after the news about the Allied had come, everyone was doing their best.

She willed her mind to send a simple message to her teacher: Hello, this is Alanneia. She willed harder, and poured out her energy. Her nails dug into her skin, and she gritted her teeth. When she thought she couldn't do it at all, her teacher sent a message back: Well done. She opened her eyes and saw the teacher grinning. "You managed it," he said. Alanneia shrugged. "That was exhausting," she replied. The teacher smirked, "You'll get better. You're new at this, but I'm sure you'd be better in your second year. Dismissed." Alanneia exited the room, feeling proud of herself. She had done it.
Alanneia Nightshade

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