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Ivy Seeker

Getting the facts straight,

Name: Ivy Seeker
Age: 22
Birthdate: 4th of August, 1991
Birthplace: Lynae
Race: Eurasian
Role: Head Guardian
Skills:Element Control, Illusion, Containment and Teleportation
Alignment: The Guardians

There is more than what meets the eye,

Likes: Cookies, Hot chocolate, Autumn, Children, Books and Art
Dislikes: The Allied
Strengths: Ivy couldn't have gotten where she is now without her talent, for the young woman is deadly with her handcrafted scythe- A gift from her old mentor. The scythe is a traditional shaped one, where the handle is slight taller than she is, and ending with a wicked curved blade. The whole thing is a pure white and bears the mark of the Guardians. Although Ivy may be strict when it comes to the rules, she knows when to show mercy and leniency.

Weaknesses: Ivy constantly second-guesses her decisions as she doesn't have much confidence in herself.

Hobbies:Painting, randomly creeping up on people in the Guild for fun.

Personality: When Ivy is Ivy, not Head Guardian or Miss Seeker, she can just about be as fun and energetic as the young adult she is. The young woman enjoys painting, mostly oil pastels of scenery and people, and baking up treats in the kitchen. She's happy, fun and rarely ever gets mad for trivial matters. However, there is another side to her. Ivy Seeker- Head Guardian. She's cautious when it comes to this aspect of her life, because when you're Head Guardian- There's only so little you can trust. She keeps a cool front during business, rarely letting her emotions show, and when you get on her bad side then- Good luck getting out of it. Ivy can and will be strict when you cross the path of the Guardians, because she herself feels responsible for the safety of each and everyone of the Gifted out there.

History: Ivy grew up in Lynae with her family, and attended the Guild like many other Trainees out there. Three years went past rather quickly, and Ivy found herself at the steps of the graduation stage, a certificate in her hands. Then she had thought she would get assigned to a Gifted. But to her surprise, she did not. Ivy was apprenticed to the Head Guardian, Alexander Felyne, and began a training that would ultimately lead her in her mentor's footsteps. Little did she know then that her training would be cut brutally short when her mentor was murdered. So with only three years of training under her name, Ivy stepped up to take the position, and has been holding it ever since.

RP Sample:

A sweet scent wafted out of the open window, on the third house to the right. If anyone were to follow their noses to said house, and happened to glance in the window, they would see a very relaxed Ivy humming to herself as she retrieved a dozen cookies from the oven. Her parents were out of town for a few days, so she was house-sitting for them in that period of time. Satisfied, Ivy set down the tray of chocolate chip cookies on the table, and glanced at the little round creations longingly. You will not burn your tongue, Ivy, you must not. To placate her demanding stomach, the young woman, busied herself making hot chocolate. The steamy brown liquid was ready in an instant- But Ivy wouldn't get the chance to enjoy it.

From her door came a series of urgent knocks, and Ivy quickly set her mug down, looking out of the window to see who it was. It was one of the messengers from Cielo, and she opened the door without hesitation. "Yes?" She asked sharply, after ushering him in and shut the door.

"Miss Seeker, there has been a bridge fire- With one human casualty. Our scouts have reported magical disturbance in the area." The messenger stated, crisply, his face emotionless as if he was delivering the daily news.

"Thank you, you may leave. Notify the Headmaster of the Guild, will you?" Ivy replied quickly, turning around as the messenger teleported away. She didn't need to know who it was, the message was as clear as day. No one else would have done such a thing just to murder a man. "Two wrongs do not make a right, Kioyo. How far you have fallen." There was a hint of sadness in the woman's eyes as she spoke, and shook her head. The death of a Guardian was hard on everyone- but a betrayal of such enormous proportions was even worse. "You took the oath to protect human and Gifted life alike, but look what you have done. Now you have left me with no choice." Ivy pursed her lips tightly and summoned her scythe. "This is war."


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