Skills for [Guardians and Allied]

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Skills for [Guardians and Allied]

Post by IvySeeker on Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:15 pm

Hey there Guest,

This here is a list of Skills that can be wielded by a Guardian or an Allied. Please note that you can only have FOUR at most. Type your choices as a reply to this topic!

    Mind Reading [As well as reading, you will be able to speak into other's mind.]
    Mind Blocking [Only if you have Mind Reading]
    Illusionist [To make people see what isn't there]
    Fast Healing
    Heightened Senses
    Weather Control
    Element Control
    Summoning [To summon one particular bonded creature]

    Here below is a list only applicable to Guardians:
    Light Manipulation
    Containment [Ability to block a person's power within them so they are unable to use it. The duration depends on the experience of the wielder. The duration would be from a few seconds to permanent.]

    Here below is a list only applicable to Allied
    Shadow Manipulation [The ability to manifest shadows and command them to do your will]
    Draining [The ability to drain a person's power and use it for yourself. Please note that this can be blocked by a deflection spell cast by a Guardian, or a Trainee of a Volente rank.]


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